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Ashley Morgan created a studio practice to explore the curiosities of everyday life. As a sculptor, painter, spatial designer, and educator, she positions her work between fine art and design to create a delightful, personal experience. Inspired by awe, joy, and the magic found in the ordinary, she revels in the literary works of Romantic and Surrealist poets to influence her creation of objects and spaces that are thoughtful and full of wonder that one might not expect.

Morgan studied sculpture and spatial design at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (MFA 2010) and sculpture and painting at Arkansas State University (BFA 2006).  Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally including public art projects in Florence, Italy and Seoul, Korea.  Through her research, Morgan has also been selected as a fellow for the Greater Milwaukee Foundation Mary Nohl Fellowship and awarded a Sonnabend Fellowship for the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles.  

She lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA with a team of builders and thinkers to realize every bespoke project.  Morgan also teaches Art History and Studio Art courses to build the next generation of thoughtful creators. Please reach out if you're interested in working together to bring a little magic to your space.


Sculpting personalized interior spaces from full-service design to a single, custom artwork for residential and commercial environments.


·        Full-Service Interior Design (from conception to implementation of the entire project)

Including but not limited to:

·        Kitchen and Bath Design

·        New Construction Planning in Conjunction with Architect

·        Office and Retail Design

·        Restaurant Design

·        Space Planning

·        Space Planning for Selling Real Estate

·        3D Renderings

·        Color/Finish Selections (interior and exterior)

·        Furniture and Window Treatment Selection

·        Sourcing and Procuring Finishes, Furniture, and Accessories

·        Lighting Design and Custom Lighting Fixtures

·        Custom Furniture Design

·        Custom Artwork by AMS or Others

·        Art Consultation for Acquiring Art

·        Designing Art Collection Displays

·        Contractor and Craftsman Recommendations

·        Competitive Bidding and Renovation Project Management


If Full-Service Design is not needed, consider selecting a specific service, such as:

Color/Finish Consultation

Arguably the highest impact you will make on your space is to define the walls, ceilings, and floors with color, shape and/or texture. 

Paint  |  Wall Covering  |  Tile (wall and floor)  |  Carpet  |  Hard Flooring


Space Planning

Through in-depth analysis, different layouts and 3D models can be created to show you how your space could be configured to provide you with an optimal space for both aesthetics and function. 


Space Planning for Selling Real Estate

Rather than update outmoded spaces such as Kitchens or Bathrooms before selling a home, consider offering a couple new layouts for potential buyers to visualize and “walkthrough” the space in a 3D model.  Provide Space Plans only or make it available with Finish Recommendations.

Art Consultation for Acquiring Art

Recommendations, Acquiring, and Installation of artworks that work with your preference, what you already have, and with your space.  AMS has a diverse network of dedicated artist that have inventory and/or take commissions for art pieces that are completely personalized.

Custom Artwork by AMS or Others

AMS will work with your space and your particular interests to either create a personal work of art for you or work with AMS’s extensive network of fine artists to commission a custom piece of art in a wide range of mediums.


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it only has to work onceexhibition statement curated by Adam Farcus

A Wake for the Living, gallery review by art critic Mary Louise Schumacher of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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Lynden Sculpture Garden
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The Only Thing Certain is Change, May 2010, self publication, 80-page exhibition catalog, Blurb
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